Public School Meal Service During the Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Saint Paul Public Schools and many other public school districts have continued to provide meals, books and other essentials to low-income families by converting school bus routes into meal- and book-delivery units. However, many at-risk families face mobility and scheduling issues that prevent them from taking advantage of weekly bus-stop deliveries.

Kids with Meal Boxes

Kudos to SPPS for its recent decision to provide home deliveries of meals (a school-week’s worth of breakfasts and lunches for family members ages 18 and under). In order to benefit, families need to receive these meal deliveries during the first week (week of April 20th), and confirm with the bus driver that they wish to receive further deliveries.

If you have a school-age family in your neighborhood facing mobility, connectivity or language challenges, please reach out to them to see if you can assist with receipt of these important meal benefits. Could you meet the bus with your neighbors (masked and at a safe distance) to translate their desires, receive the first meal delivery and confirm their wish for future deliveries? If your household is English-proficient and mobile, could those deliveries come directly to you, so that you can drop them at your neighbor’s home at a more opportune moment?

This unique and challenging time offers us many opportunities to help our neighbors in new, creative, and socially-distanced ways, and to surround our neighbors with circles of support.

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