Michael Olive joins Circles of Support

Michael Olive joined Circles of Support as a tutor in November 2020 and has been an excellent match for our distance learners. His patience, empathy, and lived experience of struggling with traditional school settings give him a unique perspective, helping him relate to our students who are struggling with distance learning during Covid.

“A bit about myself: I have been a Minneapolis resident all my life, I love music in many forms, and have an avid love for dogs. Two of my favorite pastimes are playing video games and my guitar. Two things I pride myself on are patience and acceptance of others. And someday I hope to be accepted to and attend med school to become a family physician.

In my own experience with school, I struggled. Whether it was homework, the social atmosphere, or not having enough help to fully understand what it was that I was supposed to do in various areas of my education. It got to the point that, out of pure frustration and feelings of being hopelessly stuck and beyond the point of redemption, I dropped out of school altogether.

Thankfully, due to the love and support of my parents, friends, and close family members I was able to re-enter the world of education and successfully get my GED in November of 2019, and even begin my career in college in January of 2020.

One of the few boons of my personal experience is that I can easily sympathize with students who feel the same frustration and hopelessness that I felt when I was in their shoes. My hope is that through tutoring at Circles of Support I may be able to help someone else avoid the path I took and find happiness, success, and pride in their own education.”

– Michael Olive

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