About Us

After many years of volunteering at community organizations, I realized that my success, like that of so many people of privilege, would not be possible without access to a vast network of people I can call on for advice, expertise, or practical assistance. And yet the majority of my nonprofit clients – as well as many of my neighbors in the urban core of St. Paul – had very little access to networks of adults with extra resources.

I’m Megan O’Leary. I founded Circles of Support in order to try to “spread” networks around, to create circles of support around low-income families in my neighborhood.

The concept is simple; privileged people have so much to give, and it’s time for us to take personal responsiblity for those around us who don’t have as much. This means connecting people with “extra” to people who have no “extra”. And when I say connect, I mean making a commitment to be available to a community member who needs you … for the long haul.

If you have “extra” – money, energy, time, expertise – donate to our tutoring program, or connect with us as a Circles of Support mentor or volunteer.

It starts with one.