Cots for kids

Yesterday we were able to put to good use a cot that had been donated to a Circles of Support mentor. One of our client’s kids was sleeping on a pallet because there was not enough room in the apartment for an additional bed. Floor dampness was an issue. Circles of Support set up this excellent cot that got the kiddo’s sleeping bag up a few inches off of the damp floor, and she was delighted with her new sleeping situation. Thank you so much to the family who donated this cot and turned Circles of Support on to an excellent, portable alternative to beds. We will definitely be buying a few more of these to have on hand for families in similar situations.

Image result for LuxuryLite Cuulz Bed Kit

When Money Is Tight, Holidays are Hard

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for many in our communities. But when a family is struggling to make ends meet, the extra pressure of purchasing things like Halloween costumes can make holidays a stressful time for parents and kids.

Yesterday, two of our volunteers, J. and M., went to the Goodwill with a number of clients and purchased Halloween costumes. The kids were so excited with the fun “looks” they created, and the volunteers and parents were able to have the kids select a few “boring” but important items as well, including winter boots and jackets.

Thanks to all of our volunteers who help make holidays more fun and less stressful for our clients.

Breaking Down Barriers

Many people in our communities face barriers to economic success. Lack of access to education, limited financial resources, no childcare, food insecurity, and housing instability are all factors that people just a few doors down, or just a few lockers away at your kids’ middle-school hallway, face daily. One way to break down those barriers is to get to know people in our communities we might not otherwise talk to. We might just find we have something to give … and that what we receive in return is priceless.

“Spreading around” networks

A lot of us take for granted our huge networks of supportive adults – people we can call when the car breaks down or your wallet is stolen or you’re running late to pick up a child from school and need back-up. Perhaps we grew up here in the Metro, and have a big family we can call on, or we’ve had a successful career here are connected with current and former colleagues. But for many people, those circles of support are not available, and there’s nobody to call for back-up. We all need networks of adults we can count on. Let’s spread out these networks and make sure everyone in our neighborhood has someone to call when help is needed.