Tutoring Testimonials

“I am a fifth grade teacher and I have seen the power of the in-person tutoring program through the growth of a student in my class. It is clear that each individual learner is experiencing the challenges of distance learning differently. Some students need personal interaction, a consistent routine, and the support of an older tutor in a safe environment to help them through this extraordinary time period. I have seen a dramatic increase in both the quantity and quality of the work the student is producing. In addition, the tutor communicates directly with me if there are questions about the best way to support our student. This common momentum created by the tutoring program and the individual tutors has proven invaluable to the student and me as a teacher. The program has grown to so much more than an academic safety net, I only wish I could admit more students into this program.”
– Fifth grade teacher

“My student started tutoring last quarter when he was failing most of his classes. The tutors worked quickly with his counselor and teachers to develop a plan for him. They even brought in a new tutor especially for my student! He is back on track getting Bs & Cs and is proud of his progress!” – Parent

“My student was failing during distant learning, not from lack of trying. Since she has been in tutoring she has improved so much. Tutors are so helpful and on top of the students day. I am so thankful this tutor opportunity is available!! The tutors are wonderful!!”
– Grandparent/guardian

“My student is doing better overall since starting the tutoring program. He is excelling in math as a result of the tutors, and he is more confident and able to tackle his homework on his own at home. I am so pleased with the progress he has made in the tutoring program!”
– Parent

“I am a fifth-grade teacher. The tutoring has been a big help to one of my students. He is scoring much better in his math work and seems to have a much firmer grasp of the main math topics we cover each week. In addition, he seems more confident in his abilities and seems to have a more positive attitude towards school, a greater sense of confidence and higher self-esteem. I would definitely recommend the tutoring program to other families. It is a huge help!”
– Fifth grade teacher

“The tutoring program has helped bring mental support and a sense of balance to our household. More importantly my daughter is way more engaged with her completing her assignments at home, than she was before she started in the tutoring program. She looks forward to going daily, she really likes her tutors & so do I. They communicate very well. This also helps me not worry as much about her falling behind as much. It truly gives me a peace of mind, as I’m fortunate to still be employed, work from home & can focus on my daily work, and serve the public as well. Thank you, for all you do.”
– Parent

“My student goes to tutoring four days a week. She is a bright, curious third grader. But she was falling behind because she just needed someone to guide her while doing distance learning. She was not submitting work. She was not following directions correctly. Since joining tutoring, she has made so much progress! She is completing and submitting quality work. She seems more relaxed and focused during our google meets each day. I am so happy she was able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Thank you for making this happen for these kids.”
– Third grade teacher